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Mezhvaek Marabastorr

The Great Hunter Mezhvaek (a.k.a. The Sea Bastard)

A warrior, hunter, and savage, Mezhvaek Marabastorr is a barbarian you do not want to cross paths with. He comes from the harsh islands in the Bahmis, born amidst the darkness of the sea and raised only by his urge to kill and hunt. A warrior who charges into battle without any armor or strategy. He is only fueled by his basic primal instincts and need to hunt the biggest and baddest beasts and foes.

Divine Domains

Sun, Sea and blood

Divine Symbols & Sigils

tribal tattoos

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely muscular and very quick and agile from training under the crushing pressure of the sea. Skin is as thick as leather and extremely durable

Body Features

Brown skin, Tribal markings on the right side of torso, shoulder and back. Battle scars

Facial Features

Stong face with a braided beard and thick hair as coarse as rope

Identifying Characteristics

Gigantic stature, glowing tattoos on body and never wears armor. Also screams whilst going into battle

Physical quirks

Walks with heavy footsteps and grunts most of the time

Special abilities

Can summon the powers of the Sun god using his own blood as a sacrifice. Also the barbarian rage frenzy makes him feral. Mastery of heavy weapons except magical ones.

Apparel & Accessories

A tribal rag is the only clothing worn. Doesn't even bother to wear shoes

Specialized Equipment

Specializes in use of heavy weapons such as axes, hammers and broadswords. (yet never carries one into battle). Also a very fast swimmer and trained in underwater combat

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Many terrifying rumors of birth, no real answer. He was washed up on the islands of Bahmis where the Kai Kai (flesh eating) tribe took him in and fed him, under the pretense of eating him when he got large enough. after a few years when the boy was 6 and already a large lad, the tribe attempted to tie him up and drag him over the fire roast. This however did not go their way as 3 grown men could not subdue the young boy. the village chief was impressed with the feral beast in the boy, he decided it would be best put to use by his side rather than in his stomach. Years passed by as the young boy grew into a warrior, and earned the nickname of Sea Bastard when he slayed his first Sea-eater.


Trained by the ruthless warriors of the Kai Kai (flesh eater) tribe, and the tribe of Nifo Lorr Nifo (teeth screamers). Also studied animal behaviors and how to mimic them

Accomplishments & Achievements

first kill at the age of 7. One of the very few to ever kill a Sea-eater. Youngest warrior to achieve the title of Vezvarh (Hunter). The only man who ever saw the great Leviathan and lived.

Mental Trauma

Has extreme headaches which causes him to go into rage frenzies

Intellectual Characteristics

Not very calculating and acts on instinct rather than strategy

Morality & Philosophy


Personality Characteristics


To hunt the biggest and meanest beast he encounters and to lay with the Swarm Queen.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes getting intoxicated, spreading his seed and KILLING. hates magic.

Virtues & Personality perks

Quick to act in any situation.

Vices & Personality flaws

Quick to act in any situation. which often ends with innards and blood all over the floor


Often bloodstained. Does not understand the concept of a shower.


Social Aptitude

Charismatic and flirtatious. Will kill a man for a chicken leg. good with children. UNLESS THEY TAKE CHICKEN LEG.


Talks in strange accent with grunts


Voice that intimidates and arouses.
Divine Classification
Tribal Gods
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Sea Bastard, the Great hunter
Circumstances of Birth
He is rumoured to have clawed and bitten his way out of the womb, killing his mother in the process. Other rumors suggest that he is the unholy offspring of a sea eater and a barbarian.
Biological Sex
Prefers females. Species do not matter.
Dark blue, always reflecting the ocean.
Long, thick and strong as a rope
Quotes & Catchphrases

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