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The world of Baal is a complex amalgamation of factions teetering on the brink of war. After 600 years of largely global peace, tensions are reaching a boiling point. Already paper thin peace treaties are starting to look transparent. From the Imperium on Baal Secundus to the demon engines of the Nine Fingers, technology and magic hold ever-evolving places in the different societies sharing this continent.
While some societies rely purely on advances in technology such as gunpowder others have decided that magic is the only realistic solution. As some societies rule the skies in airships running on elemental engines, others thunder across plains in war machines powered by the souls of demons. However, under the ongoing invasion from the South by the Cult of the Four-Armed God and their mutated servants, a deeper, older evil is stirring. Its devilish machinations quietly working away in the background threatening life as the inhabitants of Baal know it.

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