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Lilis Janed (Lil-is Jan-ed)

The most beautiful maiden in all of Lykoto, or at least some would say. She inspired envy and jealousy in her fellow maidens and caught the eye of every man in her town, even if she did not wish it. Lilis would awaken in the morn to a barrage of gift and compliments as she completed her daily rounds, which for a woman of her beauty was unheard of. Born a peasant in a town with an oppressive nature, she and her family were kept to their 'station' for fear of retribution from their ruler. Although this did not stop her from seeing her knight in ragged clothing, her rough around the edges companion, Maniz, a life-long friend turned romantic interest in recent years. This seemed as though it was not to be for Lilis however, for he slaved away in the baron's keep for a meagre wage, just enough to feed his father after his mother died of starvation during the last famine which wiped out the crops of the previous years. She was a stable hand in the lower town, tending to the horses of travellers, horses brought her comfort in these times of social turmoil. Lilis was typically seen wearing a set of cloth overalls, covered in dirt and hay, unbefitting of someone of her beauty, but this all changed whenever she would attend the annual celebration in the name of the goddess Wrakellek, Deity of death and beauty. She would dress according to her goddess, a pure white dress adorned with a thin red ribbon, sew into the fringe and neck of her dress. It flowed to her feet and below, with a slit in the dress revealing her right leg and a pair of scarlet red pumps wrap around her feet, with a pair of ribbons wreathing themselves around her ankle. Her mahogany brown hair is fastened into a bun with two tufts of hair waving down from either side of her forehead, using a white spider clip, the symbol of Wrakellek.


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