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A Deceleration of Equality

A letter addressed to every known religious body operating in not only Iaxovar, from the high priest Liun_Sai from the Church_of_Iaxovar, requesting the representation of every greater, intermediate and lesser deity at a summit located on the continent of Qivaira, in the city of Flagos. The designated meeting point was located in the chambers of the desert mountains of northern Qivaira, bordering the Ereeving_Strait between the island of Besira and mainland @Qivaira. Contained within the letter was an idea, strongly contested by some but firmly accepted by many, the formation of a realm-wide pantheon, through which a council could be established to convey the will of the gods. Liun's proposal suggested the erection of a grand citadel in the heart of Lykoto's capital city Olron, the Free City. At the time Olron was governed by a theocracy revolving around the ideology of equality in the eyes of the divine, not the monarchy and privy council that presides over it today.  This letter resulted in multiple minor conflicts of interest throughout the realm, by those who saw convergence as the destruction of uniqueness and independency, unlike the religious bodies who operate in conjunction with each other prior to the invitation. Priests/priestesses  and clergy representing of the deities; AtonIgnallIthar, Menea Vaion and Wrakellek, of the greater deities and Celir, Esith, Neknea and Oxdorh of the lesser and intermediate deities were accepting of a joint pantheon of Iaxovar, while representatives of Amera and Athos were quick to distrust and conflict. These reactions were befitting of the god of war and the goddess of chaos.
Announcement, Invitation


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