“Dearest Marcella”

The Board has rejected my proposal. I'm screwed. There's no way I'll be able to push it through now. And the ampules have run out. People are going to start getting sick, and we have no more treatment. There's no more coal, either. I feel certain Nathan never meant to help me. The ships were merely a posture, the peacock. But you did, right, my love? You meant what you said. Please tell me it's true.   Rio has gone underground. She thinks you and the others are looking to rid yourselves of her. I told her she doesn't sleep enough. She didn't say anything, and you know I can't read her eyes. I don't know how you do. I was right, though, yes? You won't harm her, will you?   My State of the Reunion was a disaster, as you know. They'll never accept me as a legitimate Director. The de Traiter family is too beloved. I can't compete with that. Machen de Traiter should be facing these brutes now and not me. Then I'd be the one laughing from The Crystal Spire, sipping prosecco and mocking it all from that side of the screen, from the safe waters of anarchy. It's where I belong, you know. I'm a buccaneer at heart. That's why you love me, I think.   Diane is a snoop. I do not like her hanging around after hours. I recommend we terminate her, reassign her to laundry, or deport her. Replace her with someone younger, don't you think? Someone who would be simpler. More fun. She's grown old and too knowledgeable for my liking. Why you all do not see this, too, is beyond my understanding.   Generalissimo Arendse has located several sets of spies. I have advised him to disregard those entities within our employ. He's not happy with my decision, and he doesn't trust you. He thinks Nathan is trying to subvert the Aquarian Project. I told him he's paranoid. Nathan is heavily invested in the project and completely committed to its success. He is, right? Either way, we have to clean out these spies. It's a god damned mess.   Oh, and to make matters immeasurably worse, I saw Nikki Hawke in a crowd the other day. I thought it was Rio at first, but then she looked at me with those eyes. Geddus, those eyes, Marcella. I know you don't think Nikki is significant or that any of the Hawkes are for that matter, but where I come from, they are an old and powerful family. Even one of them is trouble. And I mean for you and Nathan, too.   I've fashioned two rosebuds, one for Nikki and her girlfriend, an islander named Jessica Mores. They're both here on artistic visas, which I am trying to revoke, but the god damned Minister of Travel will not return my calls. You had her ear once, yes? Expedite this, so I can arrest them and deport them back to the island. That would be a major win for us in terms of safety. Anyway, the rosebuds expire in six days. After that, we'll have to start the process all over again.   Enough of this business of horseshit. I care only about you. I can't stand to be away from you, love. I smell you in the air and feel you on my sheets. Return to me. Please. I beg of you. I'll do anything you ask. Just come back to me.   Yours forever,   Ev