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The Conscious City. Divided like the brain, both by the fissure of the River and the monolithic Wall. But no barrier is truly impenetrable. High-tech assassins stalk its streets, magicians commune with its strange powers, despots and revolutionaries undo themselves in their quests to tame its influence over its own inhabitants. The lines between Art and Science and Religion blur like the states between Wakefulness and Dream until, before you know it, you yourself have become one of its hypnagogic citizenry.   Current contributing authors: Phil Audio, Allen Blair, croyland, Renata de Andrade, Farewell Palace, Ryan Jenkins, Proturan, Rich Quaal, Tiffany Reed, Lin Tarczynski, Baph Tripp, T Van Santana.   Current contributing visual artists: Allen Blair, Renata de Andrade, Farewell Palace, Lin Tarczynski.   Editor: T Van Santana