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Since the beginning of time, there has always been peace in Azuron. Murder was unthinkable. Bandits, theives, rapers and assassins were exucuted on sight and rare to find. That was, until House Tyrrion came along, claiming that they had a right to leadership over Azuron, rather than the so called 'bastard king', Norm Warhall. This sparked a civil war between two powerful foes, delving the realm into chaos. Now, all there is is war. No houses dare to think of alliances, bandits murder any poor peasants they might find wandering around in the wild lands, thieves steal almost everyones valuables, rapers have become so common that if there is a woman by herself, even in the day time, there is no way she will be left alone, and there are guilds of assassins, paid fortunes to murder higher ups. Houses gith for control over Azuron, each one claiming they have royal blood that meant they should control the realm. It is pure chaos. It is Azuron.

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