The Primal Powers

The primal powers are known by virtually no mortals; even gods are removed from a true understanding of them. They do not have a worldwide presence in the form of established religions. These represent causation, cessation, corruption, and preservation.   These powers took the scattered portfolios of fallen pantheons (by using The Godforge ) and gifted them to powerful beings. These beings became the gods of Azphour.     The first two Primal powers are Moon Mother and Mother of Darkness . They are causation and corruption. They are said to give birth to the two aspects of the world from the seed of the death of the old world.   Their forms have never been seen, and there is no evidence they could be seen by mortal eyes. The Moon mother is said to contain The Godwomb. The Mother of Darkness is said to contain The Barrenwomb.   The third power is the Lord of the End (LN) ; he is the personification of End, whose shadow is death. He is cessation. The current god of death serves at his pleasure. His home is the The Eternal Pillar. He is the Sentient Personification of the Law of Entropy. Spells that cause true destruction (disintegration, black blade, etc.) pull from his realm.   Loom Maiden ; she is the sole authority in The City of Doors. She is Preservation, the manifestation of the will of all that is and all that ever was and all that will ever be. Her home is the Palace of Forms, which is the center of the City, which is the heart of the realm of the Tri-Arch . Issuing from her is Force, the barricade between planes and the binding will upon magic.