Azphour; The Risen World


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Welcome to the world of Azphour.   Azphour is a world that has arisen out of Tumult and Chaos. Azphour is Light Speech for "Mortal". Fluus (Island) is the largest continent on Azphour, and to the knowledge of almost all of its inhabitants, it is the only continent. Every society has been influenced by the Flood (which took place over 1,000 years ago). Every culture has a set of myths around which their perspective has formed about the history of the world. Arid regions speak of the gods keeping water for the people of their choosing and are far more likely to not adhere to religion. Flood regions are the home of tough people who tend to the side of chaos. Fertile regions tend to reverence the gods.   The most commonly referenced point for inhabitants of the continent is Ysgur. Ysgur (Handle) is a mountain the size of which most worlds have never known. Common mythology has the gods pulling the continent out of the raging waters by the tip of Ysgur. A rumor in the settled south is of entire societies inhabiting the great mountain. A yearly flood keeps the north of the continent of Fluuslundt from settling into complacency. Any time before the flood is referenced as the Time of Dry Banks.   Religion is powerful in Azphour. When one god strengthens in a region, others weaken. Knowing which regions are devoted to which god will help divine spell casters know where they are the strongest. Divine Seats are cities with an established religion in which a god’s followers find greater power within its borders.   To the South West, passed the Great Barrier, lay the Nakayama Islands. Passing the Archipelago of the Red Dragon is seen as a fool's errand. Here ancient races persist in the same manner they have since the time before the flood. Mostly monkey races of honorable warriors rule these lands under the Nakayaman Dynasty.   To the North West lay the Dreadful Peaks. These are the lands of the Undead; the Islands are ruled over by the powerful Zordams.   To the East is the Island Secludes. Birthright is meaningless in the Islands. Those who have ventured into raiding parties and attacked caravans or villages on Fluuslundt to bring back bounty are considered Royalty for a day, metaphorically speaking. The seaways are full of jutting stones and violent sea creatures. Small armies have been lost trying to eliminate the pirates. Island people live primitive lives on the Islands.   The Races vary greatly.     The classes that can bring strength to an individual by various means. They come by Blessing, by Blood, and by Will.        

The Planes

    Outside of Azphour exists three levels of Plane: the elemental realm, the heavens, and the Ascendants.   The elemental plane consists of fire, water, earth, and air in an infinite swirling tumult. Each deity has a connection to one of these four.   The realm beyond the Veil is where outsider creatures tend to dwell. There is one infinite plane that houses different realms. If one were to travel long enough he could go from Moribundus to The Sun Cradle .   The last of the realms is the Deepest. These are the fundamental principles of the universe: preservation, cessation, creation, and corruption; these concepts are embodied in the The Primal Powers .   Travel between the planes is done through Planar Ports. Planar Sextant will allow a ship to teleport between certain locations. Examples would be the port between Lundeet and the Pagoda. This is a result of the intervention of the Aspect of Preservation.   1524   -------------   Most of the artwork is done by the following;   and Minus