The Adan

The Adan is the standardized unit of currency in the Empire of Adraus. It is available in both paper bills and varied metal coins. The Adrausii Adan has three types of coins (50; 100; 500) and five types of bills (1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 10,000).   For comparison: 100 Adan is equal to $1 USD.  

Adan Coinage

All coinage has two faces. On one side, the numerical value and a wolf within a bannered laurel on the opposing side. Due to pure metals creating magical effects, the nation of Adraus has utilized alloys made from metals of different magical skills to nullify all known magical effects. The 50 Adan coin is minted on Litzan silver, the 100 Adan coin is minted on brass, and the 500 Adan coin is minted on Adrausii Gold.  

Adan Monetary Bills

Adan paper bills are printed on a reddish brown paper. It is given a black border with the numeral value printed on all corners as a number. The middle displays the bank it was printed at as well as the year. The 1,000; 2,000; and 5,000 Bill show an image of the last kings of the three kingdoms that made up Adraus before unification. Finally, the 10,000 bill, the highest value bill, shows an image representing the current Sovereign of Adraus. This is done so that, when the sovereign dies or abdicate power, the transfer of power is quickened due to the low amount of high value bills printed showing their face.
Adan Coins
Adan Coin by Benjamin Montoya
Item type
Currency & Deeds
5,000 Adan = 1 g of gold
5,000 Adan = 70 g of silver


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