Sovereignty in Adraus

The title of King of Adraus is the title given to male monarchs of the royal family. The female equivalent is Queen of Adraus. When a male is ruling, the queen is given the title of Queen-consort and plays a lesser role in government politics, however, holds more power in a familial sense. When Adraus has a ruling Queen, her husband is named King-consort, and while they hold more power in a politic sense than the Queen-consort, they still mainly play a familial role.



While no official guidelines or qualifications have existed in the naming of a king or queen, there are societial expectations placed upon them by their people. KIngs are expected to be well educated, not only in the field of political intrigue, but have an indepth understanding of military tactics, history, economics, and so forth. These expectations are not concrete, as they have changed with the times and the will of the nation.   Where medievals kings were expected only to defend their land and keep the peace, the heightened sense of expectation has come with the growing movement to grant more power to the people. The establishment of a bicameral parliament and military judicial system have allowed common people a larger say in government. As well, growing innovations and industrialization has only heightened these expectations as the people demand the king be modern and progressive in the face of stagnant traditionalism.



While many in Adraus view their monarch as merely the ruler of the country and head of state, the role the monarch holds is far greater than many realize.   The Monarch's image is used to signify Adrausii sovereignty, authority, and regality - their face appearing on currency and government buildings both within Adraus' border and the world over. The monarch is further hailed in, and the subject of, songs, toasts, salutes, and oaths of loyalty to the nation. All military personnel must swear to faithfully and dutifully service their country on an image of monarch before being officiated into service.   The monarch plays a large part in government.
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