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Azaria is a vast, ancient fantasy kingdom, filled with danger, magic and adventure! The land itself holds hundreds of mysteries, unknown until now. There may not be dragons or dwarves, no elves nor tales of knights, but Azaria's stories are far more interesting.   Four sagas- Goddess, Sorceror, Healer and Summoner- chronicle the journey of four of Azaria's heroes; Eliza, Jessie, Jason and Raviel. Separated by time, but joined through destiny, each face desperate challenges that shape both themselves and the world, and the consequences of their choices directly influence those who come after them.   The Goddess Saga follows seventeen-year old Eliza as she faces a magical curse that has hung over Azaria for centuries.   The Sorceror Saga follows Jessie, a talented Magician who is set a near-impossible task of discovering the origins of magic generations after Eliza's tale.   The Healer Saga goes back centuries before Eliza's time and follows the journey of Jason, a reluctant medic recruited into the King's army.   The Summoner Saga follows Raviel, who must survived in a ravaged Azaria torn apart by magical beasts and war.

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