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The Star Light Letter

Tètarama Atjarna - A letter of commission.


This letter formally creates the Ascendant Royal Order of the Wardens, The Wardens. From this letter of concession the Wardens derive their authority to maintain, protect and steward the lands of Nur-ymir, its resources and its citizens.

Document Structure


The letter is a short letter marked with the sigils of all Twelve Noble Houses and the marks of the leadership of the Paragons as agent's of the Devouring Mother. It clearly states that in all things related to Nur-ymir which do not pertain to Abomination , Divergence, or Ee-Loque, the Wardens as represntatives of the 12 Noble Houses are final authority.
Further, should the Her Will change, then the 12 Noble Houses will be informed, before enforcement of Her Will is enacted.

Publication Status

Public. This document is publicly archived at the various Citadels of Nur-ymir and severl citizens have private copies for personal study or reference.

Legal status

This document has the legal weight of the Lwa-Saþykktir - Tokowha where the term Paragon is replaced with the term Warden within the lands of Nur-ymir and acts in parallel, but does not supersede Lwa-Saþykktir - Tokowha while being limited by Her Will.

Historical Details


This document was established after the Period of Hardship and was one of the measures implemented to reverse the economic decline of the Elvish realm due to increased isolation and difficulty in accessing E’ila-Murin. Previous to the Accendant Royal Order of Wardens travel and security through the wilds of Nur-ymir was left to the various private business consortiums that traded through the Elvish realm. However, a team of Brothers delivered a series of reports expressing their concern that for many decades the economy of the Elvish realm was declining. They attributed this decline to two key factors:
1. Trade was subtly determined by the consortiums regardless of Council mandate, because the consortiums control which routes to and from E’ila-Murin were determined to be safe.
2. Passage through Nur-ymir was excessively taxed and tolerated a significant amount of 'unofficial' tax.

Upon recieving the series of reports which clearly pointed out these two facts and the impact it was having on the Elvish realm, the Council of 12 began the process of empowering and legally authorizing the Ascendant Order of Wardens.

Public Reaction

The citizens of the Realm welcomed the Wardens, and the equitable access to trade and secure transportation through Nur-ymir they guranteed.


The Ascendant Order of Wardens was created and empowered.


Still in force.
Authoring Date
Ratification Date
Expiration Date
At Her Will, or at the will of the 12 Noble Houses

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