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Kr'ven Styeel

Notorious Woman of Adventure

"Some villains are really nasty works. Some villains are just simple fools to stupid to not be Divergent. But, Ms Styeel, now ... she's a real work. She has been stealing from the Fortune's Road for as long as I've been a Civil Enforcer. She's outwitted every Engineer team that has been sent to find her. It's only a matter of time before the Paragon's become involved; before she becomes to much of an affronted to Her Will.
Now, bein' all said and done. Ms. Styeel, cause I've seen her, she has serious style. Dwarf or not, she knows what she's about. Kindly... but scary. Gut ya as soon as love ya, that's what I say."
Civil Enforcer - Grand Market, Kobalis District, Galager Ferissa, Human.

"I'm not saying I don't want my money and valuables back. That's not it at all. Of course I want all of them back. I'm saying that it wasn't such a horrible experience. She was really scary. She just came out of nowhere ... and that's crazy. Have you been on the Narrow Road? ... right Fortune's Road. Regulars call it the Narrow Road... you know cause it's just Narrow. She came out of the sky. I swear. Like a Kletta hive mother. You'll never catch her."
Merchant Trader - Umani Ar'pl, Tebaxi.

"Yup, no doubt. She's very good. Everyone she's robbed has been unhurt or accidentally injured because they wanted to be a hero. Historically, she's the most successful Divergent - Engineer in the last 500 years. Oh, yes. I have no doubt she's ... well, was trained by the Engineer corps. Certainly, she could just be some .... some .... self-trained, randomly lucky opportuntist. But, no one who has studied this type of behaviour, Divergence, would even suggest such a thing. She's been successful for over 3 decades. She has help and training, which has implications. Let's not get into the philosophy of interpreting Her Will, that's best left to the Paragons."
Brother Salis Grisviel, of the Indigo.

"I didn't work so much with her, but ... more near her. So, she appears all geared up, and she its just her. So, the guards they look at each other, and one tries for her ... he goes over the rail. Dead no doubt. A fall from Fortune's Road.. horrible. Ropes just took him. And, don't look at me like that, how would I know. So, sure I helped her collect everything. I'm not going over the rail. Nope. Put me in Faid ... better that then over the rail. Or not. I'm ruined anyway."
Merchant Trader - Devrik Erridan, Dwarf
Current Location
Middle aged.
Date of Birth
Unknown. She always wears a band to hide her eyes. Some say slate grey.
Reports state she has a shot crew cut with a top knot of jet black hair.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Reports state her face is a deep brown.
Average for a dwarf. 1.37 m.
Average for a dwarf. 68 kg.


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