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Ayvenfael is a vast, beautiful and young world that is full of the mysterious energies of the Arcane. Created by Avaklavir, the God of Order, it was further brought to life with the aid of Panasya , the Goddess of Balance, and Lilith, the Goddess of Chaos. However, conflict between the three Creators ended with Avaklavir being devoured, Lilith corrupted, and Panasya damaged. Without the support of it's deities, the world of Ayvenfael is starting to decay.   Civil wars weaken the Wienavar, while the Desmiva are steadily growing in power and control. Time will tell what fate has in store for this young world that is at risk of dying so soon.     This world is still a massive work in progress, and is currently being revamped! Please be patient as I work on getting everything written down. Some information may be outdated.