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Vernum Salja

The most powerful wizard in Azrea. He was originally trained at the Magic University of Lorilla. Vernum, Karrigan Trent and Amythine, The Dark Queen were the key players in discovering the events leading up to and causing the Age of Horror. After it's conclusion, Vernum, originally an orphan from Lorilla, was adopted by the King of Quan and given the family name Salja. He was able to convince the nations of Azrea to grant him an indipendent Magocracy on The Isle and the king of Quan swore for him and all kings of Quan following, to protect The Isle's idependence. Vernum and The Isle house provide safe haven for Magic users that are not affiliated with a temple and wish to escape the prejudice that is inherent in the people of the world. The Isle is dedicated to protecting the continent from magical attacks and specifically guard against incursions from the Shadow Realm beyond the Darkveil. Vernum's Magic has granted him imortality and he is still alive and in charge of @Isle.   Originally played by P├ęter Nel

Cover image: by Jaques Smit
Character Portrait image: Vernum Salja by Midjourney AI