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The Wild Lands

The Wild Lands is an unforgiving frozen wasteland at the North of Azrea where only the toughest can survive, and where powerful and unpredictable Frost Wild gods are worshiped by its inhabitants. The savage races of the Wild Lands - Ukthuun, Nikkuni, Siphuun and Bolgar - have their own distinct customs and traditions, each based on their adherence to the gods and the environment around them. It is a land of snow capped mountains, vast glaciers, and icy rivers that carve through the landscape. Fierce storms and blizzards are common occurrences and temperatures regularly drop to bone-chilling lows. Despite its harsh conditions, it is a land where the strong willed can survive and thrive, provided they can gain the favour of the gods. The Wild Lands is home to an array of strange and dangerous beasts, from giant ice wolves and dire bears to massive frost dragons and frost giants. The terrain is treacherous, with hidden crevasses, avalanches, and slippery paths that can make travel difficult. Along with the harsh conditions, these creatures and features make the Wild Lands a dangerous but ultimately rewarding place for those brave enough to venture into its depths. These customs include martial training, magical tradition, necromancy, respect for nature, harnessing and mastering the elemental forces and physical strength and endurance.   The Frost Wild is the religion of The Wild Lands of Azrea, home to the savage races revered by those who inhabit it. These people worship powerful and unpredictable gods of War, Death, Magic, Peace, Life, Light, and Nature. Siphok: The god of war and conquest is worshipped as the god of War and Conquest in the form of a black woolly rhinoceros with razor-sharp horns. Nokkuwa: The goddess of magic and death is the goddess of Death and Magic, represented by a giant serpent with scales as black as night. Ukthu: The god of peace and tranquility is the god of Life and Light, a white lion with a mane made of radiant light. Each of these gods have their own associated domains, avatars and weapons – Siphok wields a massive two-handed axe, Nokkuwa a curved dagger with a blade made from ice, and Ukthu a long staff adorned with white gems.   The Ukthuun people are a green skinned native community in the Wild Lands tundra whose culture is strongly centered around the worship of their three gods: Siphok, Nokkuwa, and Ukthuun. These gods embody the severe and unforgiving nature of the land and the Ukthuun have developed a strong spiritual connection to their home. They place great emphasis on martial training, magical tradition, and cooperation with the land in order to live in harmony with the environment and their fellow tribespeople. Customs and traditions for the Ukthuun include worshipping the gods and fostering a sense of unity and respect for the land.   The Nikkuni are a native community in the Wild Lands tundra that share the same gods as the Ukthuun. They have a distinct culture that is similar to their neighbours, but with a more pragmatic approach to their worship. The three gods are seen as tools to achieve their goals rather than spiritual beings, and they place an emphasis on stealth and surprise in their military tactics. They also believe in the power of dark magic and necromancy and value cunning and resourcefulness in their society. Ultimately, the Nikkuni believe that control and manipulation are necessary to achieve harmony. Their customs and traditions reflect these values.   The Siphuun are a native community in the Wild Lands tundra that share the same gods as the Ukthuun and Nikkuni. They have a distinct culture that focuses on physical strength and resilience, with a strong emphasis on physical training and endurance. They believe that by honing their bodies and minds, they will be able to survive and thrive in the harsh tundra. Worship of the three gods is central to the Siphuun culture, and there is also a strong belief in shamanism, where the shamans are known for their physical strength and endurance. Their customs and traditions reflect the value they place on physical strength and resilience.   The Bolgar are a native community in the Wild Lands tundra that worship the Titans as gods and believe in their own descent from them. They are fifteen foot tall giants who place an emphasis on harnessing and mastering the elemental forces of the world, with a strong tradition of elemental magic. Their society is divided into several castes, each one responsible for mastering a specific element. They also have a strong tradition of necromancy, where their necromancers are known for their mastery of death magic. Ultimately, the Bolgar believe that by mastering the elements, they will be able to live in harmony with the land and each other, and their customs and traditions reflect these values.  
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