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The Order of Humanity

A doomsday cult (Although, from their perspective, they are heroically striving to save the world) who work behind the scenes to take complete control over the continent. They are followers of Cos' firstborn son, the master of the Darkveil (Shadow dimension) Hazmothane. The most powerful among them conduct blood sacrifices to trade their souls for a form of Darkveil Vampirism. Once done, they are immortal, and their bodies must be utterly destroyed for them to die, even a single cell can regenerate the whole. Even a single living cell will regenerate. They do not suffer any light sensitivity, and they sustain the souls of their victims, which they consume through their blood. They can ingest parts of a soul and do not have to kill their victims. They aim to bring order to the world by overrunning it with their undead servants, ultimately ending all hunger, crime and disorder.   They are extreme opposition to The Cult of Sarghus: The Divine and believe only they can save Azrea from them.


The Order of Humanity is a secretive organization with a hierarchical structure. The leader of the organization is known as the Grand Priest, who is the highest-ranking member and is responsible for the overall direction and operations of the cult. Beneath the Grand Priest are the High Priests, who are responsible for leading and managing specific regions or factions within the cult. They are the ones who are in charge of the rituals, ceremonies and other activities that are specific to their region.   Beneath the High Priests are the Priests and Priestesses, who are responsible for leading and managing the local chapters or cells of the cult. They are the ones who are in charge of recruiting new members, conducting rituals and ceremonies, and providing spiritual guidance to the members of their chapter or cell.   Beneath the Priests and Priestesses are the Initiates, who are the new members who have recently joined the cult. They are undergoing training and initiation rituals to become full-fledged members of the cult.   The Order of Humanity also has a military arm, known as the Deathbringers, who are responsible for carrying out the cult's more violent and aggressive operations. They are led by a High Priest, and are responsible for carrying out assassinations, sabotage, and other acts of terror on behalf of the cult. They are also the ones responsible for protecting the cult's members and assets.   Overall, The Order of Humanity is a highly secretive and compartmentalized organization, with members only knowing what they need to know to perform their specific roles within the cult. This allows the cult to continue its operations even if some members are captured or killed.   Every member of the Order have a ring that proves that they are initiated. The ring is more than a symbol, it is a powerful magical artifact that can be used to manifupate things in the physical plane using shadow demons, or control shadow demons that are in the physical plane.  
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The Order of Humanity is a secretive and highly organized cult. They have a strict hierarchy, with the highest-ranking members known as "The Immortals" at the top. These are the members who have undergone the blood sacrifice and gained immortality. They are the leaders of the cult and make all major decisions. They have a powerful charisma and often have a god-like status among the other members.   Below the Immortals are the "Initiates," who are the newer members of the cult who have not yet undergone the blood sacrifice. They are expected to be loyal and obey the commands of the Immortals without question. They are given tasks and missions to carry out, and their progress is closely monitored.   The culture of the Order of Humanity is heavily focused on the pursuit of power and immortality. They believe that the end justifies the means and will do whatever it takes to achieve their ultimate goal of control over the continent. They see themselves as the only hope for humanity and believe that their actions are necessary to bring about a better world. They are willing to use any means necessary, including violence, to achieve their goals.   Their rituals and ceremonies often involve blood sacrifices and are shrouded in secrecy. They have a strict code of conduct and members who break it are punished severely. They are also highly paranoid and are always on the lookout for potential traitors and infiltrators.   They are extremely hostile towards other religions, especially the Cult of Sarghus, which they see as a threat to their plans. They believe that the only way to achieve their goals is to eliminate any opposition, and they will stop at nothing to do so.   The code of conduct for The Order of Humanity is heavily focused on their ultimate goal of taking control of the continent and bringing about a new world order. They would likely have strict rules around secrecy, as they operate behind the scenes, and would likely have a strong emphasis on loyalty to the organization and its leaders. They may also have strict rules around the use and acquisition of their darkveil vampirism powers, as well as guidelines for interacting with outsiders and non-members. Additionally, they would likely have a strong emphasis on the importance of sacrifice and the attainment of immortality in order to achieve their goals. Overall, their code of conduct would likely be focused on achieving their ultimate goal at any cost.

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They are nothing but rumours and make believe. Excuses for when one noble knocks off another.

We must bring order

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