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The former great kingdom of Rendin brought civility to the north. Unfortunately corruption and internal termoil eventually led to it being split in three. @Sawra, West Rendin and East Rendin.


250 A.R.M. Rendin is established as a nation and spreads west and east. 375 A.R.M. Human King Louis du la Rent drives Zholani back to the Darkveil 400 A.R.M. The humans convert to the Cult of the Weave from the Cult of Sarghus, and Kindra is rebuilt 435 A.R.M. The University of Lorilla is Built 550 A.R.M. The Age of Horror starts with the Undead rising in the East. 582 A.R.M. The Age of Horror ends, and the Isle is established 730 A.R.M. Rendin is torn into three by civil war over the succession of the crown


During a succession war, between the West and East. Queen Armandine and her uncle King Ferdinand decided to split East and West. Sawra also declared indipendence during this time and the West was unable to claim it.

It takes a hard people to tame the north

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