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Quintrom is a nation founded 150,000 B.R.M. and located in the capital city of Quintricalum. The people of Quintrom are known as Quintri and are a gnomish society that values intelligence, knowledge, and innovation above all else. They are ruled by the most competent and proven person, who holds the title of Professor and changes every five years, and their government is a technocracy run by the Technomancers Guild.   The Quintri have a deep spiritual connection to the goddess Mag, who embodies knowledge, Magic, and balance. They worship Mag and strive to improve themselves and their world through the study of Magic and technology. They believe that by augmenting themselves with Magic and technology, they can become the best versions of themselves and push the limits of what is possible.   The Quintri economy is post-scarcity and they are known for their exports of rare mechanical goods, silver, platinum, gold, magical items, and spells. They have a strong sense of community and cooperation, as well as a deep respect for knowledge and innovation. Their culture values mathematics, engineering, and industrial arts, and they see the pursuit of knowledge and innovation as a sacred duty.   Naming traditions among the Quintri are based on their love for Magic and technology, with names like Frid, Litasp, Eretaw, and Sinumm for females, and Qridari, Slitaspu, Xeretawra, and Msinummsi for males. Family names often end with -mu, -spu, -ra, or -msi and include Fridarimu, Litaspu, Eretawra, and Sinummsi.   The Quintri are a unique and technologically advanced people, driven by their curiosity and a desire to understand the world around them. They are a mixed-race nation, with many foreign races like Stillari, Ukthuun, Nikkuni, and Dwan residing within their cities. They are proud of their history, culture, and love for Magic and technology and are always looking for ways to improve and advance their understanding of the world.


Cult of the Weave - Mag

Agriculture & Industry

Rare mechanical goods, silver, platinum, gold, magical items, spells

He who thinks best wins

Founding Date
150,000 B.R.M.
Geopolitical, Technocracy
Alternative Names
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Dependent territory
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
Major Exports
Rare mechanical goods, silver, platinum, gold, magical items, spells
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