Ayrul sits at the intersection between five dimensions. Light, Dark, The Weave, Matter and Anti-matter. While the world itself is immense, we focus our tale on the sub-continent of Azrea. A highly contested land with a rich variety of cultures competing for dominance. In the frozen north, known as The Wild Lands, barbarian tribes of the Frost Wild, the Ukthuun, Nikkuni, Siphuun and Bolgar form the Wartide, rampaging south to plunder and pillage.  
The Wild Lands by MidJourney AI
  In the east the Dead Land stirs with undead, overseen by the vampire queen Amythine, The Dark Queen that are next to impossible to destroy. Even sunlight is only a mild inconvenience for them.  
The Dead Lands by MidJourney AI
  In the south stirs the monotheistic Murapii Empire and their zealots of The Cult of Sarghus: The Divine. Meanwhile, the Stillary of Stillendam and Dwan of the Northern Towers segregate themselves away from others, giving little thought to the fate of the lesser races.  
Stillendam by MidJourney AI
  The Darkveil, or shadow realm threatens to overwhelm Azrea in many locations, but one of note is in the Darkveil forest, where Grengar rule and daemons still spill out of a partially closed rift. Granted the blessing of lycanthropy by the goddess Lot, the Wulfher clan of Kings Fort keep the threat at bay. Likewise in the east, the Knights of Alba, an order of paladins, clerics, warrior monks and wizards keep the dead from spilling past Lonstad.   Most humans fear magic as it is rumoured that wizards cause Weavestorm that can be devastating. Magic is rare and usually found around these treacherous locations.  
A Weave Storm by MidJourney AI
  Cities occupy themselves with the usual human evils of greed, murder and the like, giving rise to The Magpies’ Code. The Magpies thieves guild dedicated to redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor. The Black Wolves on the other hand deal in blood, and the two are constantly at odds.  
A band of Magpies planning their next Caper by MidJourney AI
  Checkout adventure rich cities like The Free Duchy of Anthir where thievery is a way of life, or West Haven with its sophisticated and complex political scene, or The Holy City of Kindra where the gods of The Cult of the Weave can be worshipped on the great temple mountain at magnificant temples, or check out the complex merchants vs workers political pressure cooker combined with a functioning criminal investigations unit of Duchy of Roviere.  
The Five Goddesses of the Cult of the Weave by Jaques Smit - MidJourney
Gods of the Frost Wild by Jaques Smit and MidJourney Ai
SarghusGod by Jaques Smit and MidJourney Ai

Cover image: by Jaques Smit