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Northern Towers

The Nation of the Northern Towers is a cold, mountainous region located in the frozen north. It is home to the Dwan, a close-minded and stubborn dwarven people who have a deep connection to the earth and stone. The Dwan worship the goddess Jor as the embodiment of nature, land, and earth and they see the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of stone as a sacred duty. They are driven by tradition and have a strong sense of community and cooperation, and a deep respect for tradition and craftsmanship.  
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  The capital of the Northern Towers is known as The Tower, and it is ruled by King Ducan Anvilheart. The Dwan society is run by a consortium of clans, each led by a council of leaders who are elected every five years to advise the King. The Dwan are known for their deep interest in mining, geology, and stone craftsmanship, and their economy is heavily based on the production of metals, gems, and stone products. They also specialize in crafting gear, mechanical goods, and rare tools.   The Dwan have a strong spiritual and emotional connection to the goddess Jor and the earth. They believe that by studying different types of stone and their properties, they will be able to shape the world to their will and create a better future for themselves and their people. The Dwan also believe in embodying the characteristics of different types of stone, both physically and mentally, to improve their strength, durability, and resilience.


Cult of the Weave - Jor

Agriculture & Industry

all metals, all gems, all types of stone, special crafting gear, mechanical goods, rare tools

All that is good is bellow the mountain

Founding Date
250,000 B.R.M.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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all metals, all gems, all types of stone, special crafting gear, mechanical goods, rare tools

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