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Murapii is a empire in the continent of Apour that follows a fanatical form of the religion called The Cult of Sarghus: The Divine. The empire is highly militant about converting all humans and is led by a role called The Head of Sarghus. Feet of Sarghus are the military force of the order, the Right Hand of Sarghus are the missionaries while the Left Hand of Sarghus are spies and instigators. Murapii stretches around the Murian vast sea at the heart of Apour. It was founded in 0 A.R.M. and its major rival is Kurhan, a neighboring kingdom that fiercely opposes Murapii's take on Sarghus.   The capital is Mura and they speak Murian


The old empire was the first significant human empire in the world and most humans originate from it's lands.   The cult of Sarghus in Murapii is the dominant religion of Eastern Apour. The Head of Sarghus declared that Sarghus was the one true god and that all the other gods in the world were Shadow creatures in disguise. In 550 A.R.M., the religious conflict came to a head and escalated into a total civil war. The emperor who survived believed in Sarghus as one true god; he created the Feet of Sarghus and funded them to convert the world and drive out all Shadow from it. The Feet infiltrated most of the known world, pushing their agenda by feeding and clothing the poor if they converted. They find ways to make their plan beyond simply helping the weak by looking at the weaknesses of the local situation and exploiting them. They have been known to sell protection and ensure those who don’t convert fall on hard times.


Cult of the Sarghos: The Divine

Agriculture & Industry

salt, gems, trade goods, silver, gold, iron, linen
Founding Date
0 A.R.M.
Geopolitical, Empire
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Slaves, salt, gems, trade goods, silver, gold, iron, linen, mercenaries
Official Languages

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