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Originating from West Haven, they are a thieves guild that has been around since 500 ARM. They have a strict code under which all their members operate, and their core moral is that their function is to redistribute wealth more fairly back to the poor. The Magpies’ Code strives to minimise human costs in the process. Due to the almost popularity of the code, the guild has expanded quickly, and nearly every city in Azrea and some in Apour contain members who bear the Dagger and the Bird tattoo on their left shoulder.  
The Dagger and the Bird Tattoo of the Magpies by Midjourney AI

Dagger and the Bird tattoo


The guild is a loose cell like structure and provided their are no currently opporating guilds in a city, a member may start one.

Public Agenda

Redistribute wealth from the corrupt rich to the poor.

The rich get richer if the Magpies don't help

Founding Date
500 A.R.M.
Guild, Thieves
Leader Title

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