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Lucinda Tanner

Growing up on the streets of the West Haven, Lucinda had to rely on her wits and strength to survive. She learned how to pick pockets and steal from merchants in order to feed herself and her younger siblings. As she grew older and stronger, Lucinda began to realize that she had a natural talent for thievery. She quickly rose through the ranks of the local Magpies thieves guild, earning respect and admiration from her fellow thieves. When the previous innkeeper of the guild's headquarters at the Barrel Side Inn retired, Lucinda saw an opportunity to use her skills in a new way. She took over the inn, continuing to use it as a front for the guild's activities and as a place for thieves to gather and plan their heists. Under Lucinda's leadership, the guild flourished, and she became one of the most feared and respected figures in the city's criminal underworld. Her heavily muscled physique and no-nonsense attitude made her a formidable opponent, and she was not afraid to use force to get what she wanted. Despite her tough exterior, Lucinda had a soft spot for her fellow thieves, and she was known to be fiercely protective of her guild members. She ran the inn with a strict but fair hand, always looking out for the well-being of those under her protection.

Cover image: by Jaques Smit
Character Portrait image: by Midjourney AI