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Lonstad is a fortress in the East Rendin of the continent of Azreal. It is known for its strategic location on the border of The Dead Lands, which was once the Jorman Planes, and its strong trade relations with the Jormunger, who fell to the undead and became The Dead Lands. It is also the home of the Knights of Alba, a powerful organization dedicated to defending Azrea from The Dead Lands.   The fortress was founded as a city in the early 400 A.R.M as a trading post to establish relations and trade with the Jormunger of the Jorman Planes. However, as time passed, the Jorman Planes fell to the undead, and became The Dead Lands, forcing the city to become a fortress and change its focus to defending Azrea from the constant threat of The Dead Lands. The founders, a group of powerful and influential merchants and leaders, saw the potential for a thriving trade in exotic goods and resources with the Jormunger, but with their destruction, the city had to adapt to the new reality.   As the fortress developed, it attracted a diverse population of traders, merchants, and families of the military personnel. It quickly became known as a center of military strategy and learning. The Knights of Alba was also founded in this fortress in 550 A.R.M, who play a key role in The Dead Lands contained.   The government of Lonstad is a Military City-State, the economy of the fortress is based on trade, agriculture and industry, the fortress is known for its production of weapons and foodstuffs  
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The Fortress at Lonstad
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