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Jor: the goddess of Nature and Shaper of Land

Domains of power: Nature, land, earth, agriculture
Holy Symbol: Upsidedown Pentagon inside a right-side-up Pentagon
Avatar: Colorfully Feathered flying snake
Preferred Weapon: A scythe

Jor is a wild and untamed goddess who is deeply connected to the earth. She is seen as a protector of the land, and is believed to be able to shape the earth to her will. She is a goddess of agriculture and is closely associated with the cycle of life.  
Jor, one of the five great gods of The Cult of the Weave, is revered for her role in shaping the land and bringing abundance of life. She is known as the goddess of Nature, Land, Earth, and Agriculture, and her domains of power include the natural world, land, earth, and the cultivation of crops.   In the Cult's mythos, Jor is said to be one of the daughters of Cos: the All-Mother goddess of Light and Protection. She is the embodiment of nature and the shaper of land, and is seen as a guide to her followers in understanding and respecting the natural world. Her followers see her as a powerful and benevolent goddess who is deeply connected to the needs of her followers, and is always ready to guide and teach them.   Jor's holy symbol is an Upsidedown Pentagon inside a right-side-up Pentagon, which represents the balance of natural world and the earth and the connection of both. Her avatar is often depicted as a colorful feathered flying snake, symbolizing the beauty and wonder of nature and the earth. Jor's preferred weapon is a scythe, which represents the cycles of life and death, and the balance of nature.   High Priest Unhir Yetmin is the High Priest of Jor in The Holy City of Kindra and leading member of The Cult of the Weave. He is responsible for leading the worship of Jor, performing rituals and ceremonies, and providing guidance and advice to followers of Jor. He also has a deep understanding of the natural world, earth, and agriculture and helps her followers to understand and respect the natural world, and to live in balance with it.

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