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Frost Wild

The Frost Wild is the name given to the gods worshipped by the savage races of The Wild Lands of Azrea. These gods are seen as powerful and unpredictable forces of nature, with different domains of power such as Siphok: The god of war and conquest, Nokkuwa: The goddess of magic and death, and Ukthu: The god of peace and tranquility. Worship of these gods includes bloody sacrifices and fierce rituals. The Ukthuun and Nikkuni are two cultures that live in the tundra of The Wild Lands and worship these gods, with the Ukthuun having a strong martial culture and emphasis on military training and readiness, while the Nikkuni have a more pragmatic approach to their worship and focus more on practicality and survival. Both cultures have a strong spiritual connection to the land and its cycles of life and death.   The Siphuun are another race that worship the gods of the Frost Wild. However, their culture places a strong emphasis on physical fitness and endurance, and they have a tradition of physical training. They also believe in the power of shamanism, and their shamans are known for their physical strength and endurance.   The Bolgar respect the Forst Wild, but also worship the Titans as gods, believing that they are the inheritors of their power and legacy. They have developed a culture that is heavily focused on harnessing the elemental forces of the world, and have a tradition of elemental Magic. Their society is divided into several castes, each one responsible for mastering a specific element, and they have a strong tradition of necromancy.

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