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East Haven

The capital of East Rendin was once the seat of the Grand Duke of Rendin and served as the political centre for the eastern side of the country. After the Rendining Civil War that ended in 730 A.R.M. it became the seat of the King of the East. East Haven is a horrible place to live unless you are extremely rich, and the guards will usher you out of the city if you are not gainfully employed with a lord. The capital city wants to put forward a front that it is the best place on earth with zero poverty, and the way they decided to accompish that, was to eject everyone that looks distasteful. Traveling Merchants require permits to enter the city and they must leave by the stated date unless they own property in the city.

Industry & Trade

Permits to trade with the Technomancers Guild and Artisans of the Stillari
Founding Date
375 A.R.M.
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