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Darkveil Forest

The Darkveil forest is named after the barrier between the shadow realm and the rest of the world that keeps the dark beings beyond it from spilling into the lives of ordenary people and terrorizing them. The reason is because this forrest is filled with creatures twisted by the darkness of the shadow realm. The most notable of which are the Grengar of the Darkveil who are ruled by their king Zholani and considered the forest their territory. Passing throught the forest without Zholani's express permission is met with a brutal end.


In 5000 B.R.M. Alkake was a powerful Stillary sorcerer turned warlock that left the Stillendam to build his own empire in the forest to the west. Obsessed with power, he turned to ever darker magic and aligning himself with Hazmothane: the First Son god of the Cycle finally becoming a lich to claim dominion over all beings from simple minded beasts, erratic elementals, fierce demons and finally the undead. He used his mind bending magics to twist all life or unlife to his will.   Alkake obsession was yet still growing and he had aspirations to march his twisted army on the Stillary of Stillendam and transform the glade to his own purpose. While his war was devastating, in the end he was defeated and he was struck down by the might King Ellamji Reethnia. Alkake’s essence returned to his phylactery hidden in the inner sanctum of his temple in Darkveil Forest, where he reassembled his power.   As that power grew and his fragmented will was exerting itself on the world around it, the Darkveil became even more twisted. The monsters that were birthed in its heart moved out to the surrounding lands and the Wulfher clan was forced to endure endless assaults from these murderous beasts.   Finally in 1000 B.R.M. their chieftain, Williric Kaiser decided something must be done to end the curse that brought these beasts to bare on them. He assembled the finest warriors in his clan and led them on a quest to discover the origin of the foul invasion. The first half of the journey was devastating. They had found Alkake’s temple and the horrors inside left them battered. Three of their number had been slain and the remaining seven were in rough shape. A forest spirit who saw their bravery and had its own reasons for desiring Alkake removed from the land, guided Williric and his warband to Lot: the goddess of Winter and Summer, Life and Death's glade in the heart of the Darkveil Forest where she resided in her Great Winter Wolf form. Lot healed them of their wounds and offered them a blessing that would have them defeat Alkake.   She warned them that should they accept the offer, they would forever be her children. The warband accepted the offer and became the first Mano Beruehrt of the Wulfher clan. They travelled back to the Alkake’s temple, where they fought their way to the sanctum. Two more of their number had fallen in the final battle, leaving just five who claimed the Phylactery, that they named the Wolfherz, sealed it with Lot: the goddess of Winter and Summer, Life and Death's power and brought it home to guard.  

The elite Wulfher clan heroes that entered:

Leader: Chieftain Williric Kaiser Surviving Members: Isa Morgen, Wilfred Udendar, Grimwald Wolfanger, Frida Neiss Deceased Members: Gerhild, Svanhildr, Adalberht, Dagr, Farvald
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