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Caoimhín du la Rent

Caoimhín du la Rent was born into the noble family of West Haven, the capital city of West Rendin. From a young age, he was fascinated by the stories of ancient civilizations and their treasures, and he spent much of his childhood poring over books and artifacts in the family's private library.   As he grew older, Caoimhín's fascination with history only deepened, and he became particularly interested in the legend of the titans, a race of powerful beings said to have built a great city in the Heaven's Peak mountains. Despite the many obstacles and dangers that stood in his way, Caoimhín was determined to find the lost city and uncover its secrets.   To this end, he studied with the Stillari of Stillendam, who had long been rumored to possess knowledge of the titans and their ways. He also sought out the Dwan of the Northern Towers, who were renowned for their skills in mining and excavation. Through his studies and his tireless work, Caoimhín became an expert in the field of archaeology, and he was eventually appointed as the first Royal Archaeologist of West Rendin by the Queen Armandine du la Rent herself.   For years, Caoimhín searched for the lost city of the titans, and he finally succeeded in locating it deep within the Heaven's Peak mountains. His excavation of the site was a major achievement, and he spent the rest of his life studying the artifacts and ruins he had discovered, seeking to unlock the secrets of the ancient civilization.   Despite his obsession with his work, Caoimhín was a loving husband and father, and he doted on his son Kallen, who followed in his footsteps as an archaeologist. Together, father and son traveled the world, exploring ancient ruins and uncovering the mysteries of the past.


Queen Armandine du la Rent

Second Cousin (Trivial)

Towards Caoimhín du la Rent



Caoimhín du la Rent

Second Cousin (Important)

Towards Queen Armandine du la Rent




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