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Becka Black

Becka Black grew up in the streets of West Haven, learning how to pick pockets and steal from a young age. She was always drawn to the thrill of thievery and the rush of outwitting her targets. She joined the Magpies before she was ten. As she got older, she became more skilled at manipulating people and gathering information, and eventually caught the attention of Lorenzo Soto, the master of spies for West Rendin. Lorenzo Soto saw potential in Becka and took her under his wing, teaching her how to use her natural charm and cunning to become the best spy in West Rendin. She spent years training with Lorenzo Soto and honing her skills, and eventually became one of his most trusted agents. Becka has spent much of her career working in Sawra and The Wild Lands, gathering intelligence for West Rendin and completing various covert missions. She is known for her ability to blend in and go unnoticed, as well as her quick thinking and resourcefulness in dangerous situations. Despite the danger and risk that comes with her line of work, Becka remains fiercely loyal to Lorenzo Soto and the cause of West Rendin, always willing to do whatever it takes to serve her country. She got the scar under her left eye when she was captured by the orcs and tortured for counter intelligence for several days before Lorenzo Soto was able to mount a rescue.

Cover image: by Jaques Smit