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Kurhan, the westernmost civilization on Apour, is a powerful empire with a rich history dating back to 1000 B.R.M. The sprawling city of Kur serves as the capital and center of power for the Kurhanian people. Kurhan culture is heavily influenced by its powerful ruling Pharoah, and the society is structured with a strong hierarchy. The ruling Pharoah holds ultimate power and authority, making decisions that guide the empire's political, economic and religious affairs. The city of Kur is a melting pot of different cultures and influences, with grand palaces, bustling markets, and towering temples.
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  On the opposite side of the Bellor Channel lies the Murapii empire that follows a fanatical form of the religion called The Cult of Sarghus: The Divine. The empire is highly militant about converting all humans and is led by a role called The Head of Sarghus. The Feet of Sarghus are the military force of the order, the Right Hand of Sarghus are the missionaries while the Left Hand of Sarghus are spies and instigators. The empire stretches around the Murian Sea at the heart of Apour. The capital is Mura and they speak Murian. The Cult of Sarghus in @Murapii is the dominant religion of Eastern Apour and their goal is to convert all humans and drive out all Shadow from the world.   Overall, Apour is a continent of contrasts and diversity, with two powerful and vastly different societies existing side by side, each with their unique cultures, beliefs, and ways of life. Other nations in Apour do their best to use this rivalry to hide from both super powers, in the hopes to avoid conquest. The Bellor channel serves as a physical and cultural divide between the two, with war, trade and diplomacy being the main means of interaction between them. The Apour continent is rich in history and culture, with many stories waiting to be explored and discovered.


  • Apour and Azrea
    The great continent of Apour is mostly dominated by a great empire names Murapii, which is faced with a great adversary to the west, the great empire of Kurhan. The two are in a never ending stalemate, where neither can afford the resources needed to overthrow the other.
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