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West Haven

West Rendinians are expressive people that wear their emotions on their sleeves. The culture is highly metropolitan due to its location and valuable trade ports. The palace was constructed by Magic by the powerful wizard Vernum Salja in exchange for Rendin's support in forming The Isle.   Armand du la Rent established the city in 325 A.R.M., and the Kingdom of Rendin grew outward from it. King Louis du la Rent built West Keep in 370 A.R.M. to keep citizens safe from Quannian raiders.   The city's economy is primarily driven by its harbour and many trade guilds. Guards are highly disciplined. West Haven is home to the West Haven Watch, the first criminal detective service. They were formed in response to the Black Wolves moving into Little Sawra and their assassins terrorising the nobility.   As the birthplace of the The Magpies’ Code, the Magpies are well established as a thieves guild in the city and are at war with the Black Wolves. Due to the strict code that the code live by, they have always been granted a certain tolerance level by the different mayors. However, this has changed with the Black Wolves invading the city, as it is hard for a guard to tell the difference between a Wolf and a Magpie.  
West Haven - Parliament Hill by Midjourney AI
Parliament Hill
West Haven - Marked Square by Midjourney AI
The Marked Square
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Little Sawra
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The Grand Palace
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The Barrel Side Inn in Fish Bottom


Capital of West Rendin   Government: Bureaucratic Monarchy   Ruler: Queen Armandine du la Rent   National Religion: The Cult of the Weave   Duke: Ailon du la Rent   Mayor: Elizabeth le Roux   City Colours: Navy and Purple

Industry & Trade

Primary Exports: Iron, pottery, fish, lumber, facilitating pilgrimages to the holy mountain, and rare stones bought from the Dwan of the Northern Towers


Coastal town surrounded by temprate grasslands and forests.

Natural Resources

pottery, fish, lumber


  • West Haven
    The seat of power for the Queen of West Rendin and the birthplace of the Magpies Thieves Guild.
Founding Date
325 A.R.M.
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