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Siege of Algoma City

The Conflict


Prior to attacking Algoma City, Emperor Kemale of Dyrai had attempted to take possession of Phelin through the manipulation of a disgruntled earl by the name of Varin. After Varin's death, Emperor Kemale attempted to weaken Phelin further himself.


One way Kemale attempted to weaken Phelin was to lay siege to Algoma City, the capital of Algoma. He expected Phelin to send military aid to Algoma due to their alliance against Dyrai. However, Queen Cyra refused to request aid, fully expecting an attack to be launched at Phelin while a portion of its military was gone. Phelin did send other aid in the form of supplies, which were smuggled into the besieged city.


The army from Dyrai remained outside Algoma City after an initial attack was repulsed, and launched small attacks at the defenders on a daily basis.

The Engagement

In order to end the siege, worried as she was for her people and their ability to withstand the siege as it continued seemingly without end, Queen Cyra went to the Dyrain general to negotiate. In the end, her life was taken and the Dyrains left Algoma, ending the siege.


The Dyrain army leaves Algoma, only to become available to fight in Phelin.

Historical Significance


The death of Queen Cyra was a heavy blow for Algoma, especially to her son, Jaimathan, who was in Ryal at the time attempting to assist the Phelinian court against Dyrai.

Included under Conflict
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Queen Cyra gives her life, invaders leave

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