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Orman Love Flowers

Basic Information


The Orman love flower grows to nearly a foot in height with a thick, leafy stem and a white flower that resembles a rose. They grow individually, though clusters of individual flowers have at times been discovered.

Genetics and Reproduction

When the plant flowers, seeds are produced. These seeds can remain dormant for many years before sprouting in the most ideal circumstances.

Growth Rate & Stages

When conditions are ideal, the seeds begin to grow. After five to seven days, the plant is approximately a foot in height and a single bud will form. Within another two or three days, this bud will develop into a full bloom. This flower reminds at its height for approximately ten days, during which time the seeds develop. Once the seeds have fully developed at the center of the flower, they are released to be dispersed by the wind or passing animals. Once this occurs, the flower begins to wilt. Within another three days, the flower and stem are completely wilted. The same plant will not flower again.

Ecology and Habitats

The Orman love flower has been found in all moderate climates. Extremes in weather or temperature are not ideal, even in situations where the magic would have otherwise allowed the flowers to grow.

Additional Information


Seeds have been planted and grown successfully indoors as well as in gardens.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Orman love flowers have been cultivated and the seeds exported from Orma to sell to those who wish to prove their love to another. In the usual process, a lover purchases a seed and plants it. The plant is then gifted to another lover who cares for the seed in the hopes it will grow. As the flowers are known to grow when surrounded by love, they are often used to prove love prior to a marriage proposal. This custom has invited a false trade in flowers that are not Orman love flowers, as well.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The plants seem to have magical properties that allow them to sense human emotion as they only grow in loving situations. Negative emotions of the people interacting with the plants prevents the full growth or flowering of the plants. Close study of the plants by scholars Orma has not led to the discovery of how these plants can sense such things, only that they do.

20-23 days
Conservation Status
Average Height
~1 foot

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