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Myth of Creation


The myth of creation explains how the world of Ayrith was made by the Great Gods, Epofsuk and Luttuv, as a realm for their children to play in and enjoy. It was created of light and rock, water and air, with primative animals and plants for the gods to interact with. The gods walked this world, creating and destroying as seemed best for them. The world was thus shaped by their deeds and their wills. Magic was created when the gods reproduced with the humans they were teaching to survive and thrive.

Historical Basis

The historical evidence for this story comes from the fact that magic varies by regions of the world, aligning with the idea that certain gods spent time in certain areas of the world, passing their specific powers on only in those specific regions.

It is also true that nearly every culture appears to worship the same pantheon of gods. Though the names of the gods may vary, the deeds they are credited with are almost identical.


This myth is the standard creation myth for much of Ayrith, though the names of the gods involved sometimes vary due to local languages and dialects.

Cultural Reception

There was a time, late in the Second Era, in which those with magic attempted to claim god-like power and authority due to the belief that magic was passed down biologically from the gods. Often, little came of these claims because it would be argued that too much human blood had since been mixed, and that too many people possessed magic by that time for any true, divine kinship to be realized.

In Literature

Many poems and stories exist telling of humans interacting with the gods while they visited the lands of Ayrith.

In Art

Paintings, sculptures, and tapestries depicting various gods and their interactions with humans are common, existing in nearly every wealthy household. Many artists make a comfortable living creating such art, especially for temples.

Date of First Recording
Second Era
Date of Setting
First Era

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