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Ayn (Working Title)

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The world of Ayn is a fledgling project created as an attempt to foster a Living World. Many themes will be represented and cities will fluctuate and change as games are played.   Expect articles to change frequently as the pieces are made and set into place. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.   The goal is to craft a world that can house many themes (Feudal Japan/Grim Victorian/Magic and Wizards/so on and so forth) while retaining its realism (There won't be a science fiction/space exploration theme since it would be a jarring contrast to 'Lords and Ladies' medieval nobility.)   What Ayn doesn't answer, currently, will be substituted with Pathfinder lore (For example Galorian Deities existing in Ayn). The more the world is developed, the less will be borrowed from other sources.

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