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Viza, Vizo, or Vizen - Deities of Love

This deity is not just one God or Goddess, but instead two that embody one. Should the two be distant for too long, or should one die, their powers are forfeit. Fortunately they are known to be inseparable and are often celebrated for their unity.   Vizen is one of the most nebulous deities, as many witnesses assert having seen or felt Vizen, but in different pairings, such as two males, two females, or more commonly, male and female. In this, many state the male counterpart to be 'Vizo' and the female to be 'Viza', ergo it's possible to worship a Vizo x Vizo pairing, a Viza x Viza pairing, or the traditional Vizo x Viza. Regardless, the pair are called Vizen. The only thing that's constant in these accounts is that they are two consenting, adult humanoids who are in love.   Weddings will often feature Vizen themes, most notably releasing a large amount of butterflies after the ceremony.   Commonly worshiped by: Poets, Dancers, Romantics, Lovers, Artists

Divine Domains

Good, Protection, Charm, Community   Subdomain: Love, Captivation, Defense, Friendship, Family

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Divine Symbol: A butterfly with the wings being two faces kissing towards one another.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Love and romance
  • Dancing
  • Acts of nobility and protection in the name of their significant other
  • Butterflies
  • Abuse, especially among partners
  • Prejudice against love
A common and accepted depiction of the pairing
Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Vizen's holy icon and artwork in honor of the deity.


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