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Tiamera - Goddess of Luck

"Come on...Come on. By Tiamera's grace please let me win. I have hungry kids at home who need this. Be good to me, Tiamera. Be good to me." - An example of a gambler's prayer
  Flashy, glamorous, and all about the show, Tiamera is a puckish deity over the domain of Luck. Often she is hailed as the overseer of dice rolls and coin tosses, and many an excited gambler has bowed their head in silent prayer just before betting their life savings on the turn of a card. As much as she values games of chance, she also places sovereign weight on both the stakes and the show.  
  Bets of trivial value (or no bets at all) are less likely to grab her attention than someone placing their entire earnings on the line. Equally so, the lead in as eyes peer just above the line of their cards, or the breaths held when the dice tumbles onto the mat, is said to be a dance in honor of the holy maiden.     Someone who demonstrates good luck is said to be 'blessed by Tiamera, herself', though she can be fickle. Eventually someone will lose, so not walking away when the earnings are high and continuing to gamble is referred to as 'Tiamera's setup', or just the 'setup', and many scorned at the table will blame their loss on the Goddess as raising them high so she can drop them from a great height. In actuality it's just a gambler's ill will to cease as she plays no part in this, but she accepts that her worshipers need to point the finger to feel absolved of their self created sin.
  Depictions of her image, or holy icons, will often be displayed at gambling halls and casinos, as a sign of good luck. An example is having a Tiamera shaped statue for the spinner at a roulette wheel, or charms of her symbol pinned to the wall.   Commonly worshiped by: Gamblers, Merchants, Actors/Showmen, Halflings

Divine Domains

Luck, Chaos, Trickery, Glory   Subdomain: Fate, Whimsy, Revelry, Hubris

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Divine Symbol: Falling gambling chips

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Gambling/Games of chance
  • Winning
  • Showmanship
  • Losing
  • Sore losers
Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
Biological Sex
Extremely long, generally kept in pigtails and a helix of blonde and light blue.
Skin Tone
Olive tan
Quotes & Catchphrases
Place your bets, everyone!

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Cover image: by viccolatte


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
27 May, 2019 18:12

This is not the critique that I want to give for your crit on the journals. I saw goddess of luck and was immediately drawn in. my friend luck is special to me, and you did not disappoint. The goddess herself is fantastic and exactly what one would expect from a lady luck like figure. I see hints if discordia as well, am I wrong? The playful attitude she seems to have is kinda ciok too. the fact that they blame her for a winning streak only to lose it all kind lends a trickster trait to her. I love it so much. luck and chaos deities are my favorite and chaos magic is still my pride and joy in my world. I love seeing others interpretations of the concept. man I loved this.

27 May, 2019 19:44

She definitely channels the spirit of Discordia with her penchant for the show and dichotomy of heads or tails. Your words honor me once again. Thank you.