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Solisius - God of the Sun

With the form of a handsome man, seemingly chiseled from the very stone, Solisius is radiant not simply by divinity, but also in his very image. Often illustrated in battle, or having just fell a mighty foe, his stories and legends are just as epic in their depiction, inspiring prospective warriors and paladins alike. His most common look features his signature, brilliant bow of light, wrought from beams of the sun itself, as well as his golden hand harp. His clothing is often very loose silks intermingled with bright armor pieces, such as bracers, a tasset, and other assortments.   Of his many accomplishments, he is most noted for:  
  • Using his harp to incite the Sun and Moon to 'dance' (Read: Rotate) around Ayn.
  • Destroying a swarm of locusts sent by Globboz - God of Disease to devour the sun.
  • Convincing Goath - God of Forges, as stubborn as he is, to try light beer. He disliked it, but at least gave it a shot.
  • Saving a horse that leapt so high into the air it was bound for the sun. The sun warped it before being saved, turning it into a star. Solisius adopted the horse and named it Pilastria
  • Riding Pilastria across the sky at night to patrol for evil. (This fosters a belief that comets are actually Solisius on the hunt)
  Whether or not these stories are true or just exaggerated works of fiction is up for debate. Regardless, he is a heartthrob for women and an inspiration for men, and as such has garnered quite a bevy of worshipers.   Commonly worshiped by: Desert dwellers, farmers, warriors seeking glory.

Divine Domains

Glory, Good, Sun   Subdomains: Day, Heroism, Legend, Light

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is in peak physical shape, often cited as what warriors should strive for, musculature wise.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Triumphing over evil
  • Harp Music
  • Bright and sunny days
  • Evil
  • Suffering
  • Aberrations
Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Biological Sex
Light brown
Golden, nearly platinum blonde
Skin Tone
Pale, though lightly reflective of the golden glow of the sun.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Even the softest light can drive back the darkness.
-Common garbs of a cleric of Solisius.

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Cover image: by Huang Guangjian


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