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Lord Ornathel Falalond

Avatar of Thyselleth Ornaleth Falalond

The ruler of Thyselleth, he is known for his extreme calm and sympathy, and while he favors nature like the rest of his kingdom, he recognized humanoids as a part of the equation and thus is very diplomatic.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As stereotypical as an Elf from the woods can be - thin, lithe, and nimble. Despite his weedy appearance, he is not malnourished, and actually has taken good care of himself.

Identifying Characteristics

Dons the customary facial tattoos for an Avatar.

Apparel & Accessories

Ornaleth fashions himself in ornate leather armor, taken only from animals deceased or culled in reverence. Tailored about his hips is a long, flowing skirt that often drags upon the ground. Because of this, the lining is often covered in leaves and other nature, which he seems honored by. This clothing can be detached quickly should the need arise.

Mental characteristics


Nearly scholarly. He is versed in several languages and ways, though admittedly grows less out of his expertise the more mechanical the study.


Social Aptitude

Considered very confident and diplomatic, often seeking mutual resolutions when possible. He is no pushover, however, and when pressured, can take a surprisingly firm stance.


He often uses 'Hmm' when thinking out loud, of which he is oft to do. He also speaks very slowly and quietly, his voice likened to a gentle hum in the wind.
Current Location
Biological Sex
A vibrant, emerald green
Long, platinum blonde and braided in sections
Aligned Organization

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