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Birchum - God of Nature

As a tall, lanky man, wrapped in bark and adorned with emerald foliage, it is no mistaking Birchum as the chosen avatar for all things vegetation, yet despite his arboreal appearance, he does have a distinct, humanizing feature, which is to say his frequent use of nature based puns and jokes, oft to interweave them into casual conversation. Although often in good spirits and quick to joke, he is able to lower his tone to be serious, even if his definition of a somber-necessity moment is far more lax than other's.   Considering his uncanny appearance to a tree, it is common folklore that he could be in any forest at any time. It is also believed that Birchum is responsible for the seasons, chiefly as a way to give equal time for different plants to prosper in climates applicable to them.  
"I wish Birchum made winter a lot shorter. My watermelon crops are my most profitable!"
— A gossiping farmer
  Commonly worshiped by: Druids, Farmers, Elves, Gardeners.

Divine Domains

Plant, Good, Earth, Weather, Water   Subdomain: Rivers, Growth, Seasons, Caves, Leshy

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Divine Symbol: A large, fully bloomed tree

Physical Description

Facial Features

He has a 'beard' and 'eyebrows' made of green leaves.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Trees, or really just nature in general
  • Wholesome jokes and puns
  • Lazy days
  • Being rushed
  • Forest fires
  • Ecoterrorism (Excessive logging/chemical dumping/etcetera)
NatureGod Slice
Nature God Portrait
Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
A light, bark like brown.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Well wood you look at that! Winter is over and the trees are re-leaved!

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
13 May, 2019 23:50

I enjoy this one too. Hes like a jolly green jlgiabt kind of character that really appeals to me for some reason. I like happy gods that are just cool people tho usually you don't wanna mess with em lol. A good job on this one too

14 May, 2019 00:00

Thank you. I have a ton of detailing to do, but I wanted these out there a taster. As in the latest chapter of my creation story ( ) I have a lot of work to do.