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In game mechanics
This is a non-playable race. However, the information provided below may apply to creatures that are summoned or interacted with elsewhere.
Angels (As well as Demons) were the last race to be created by the Entities, meant to serve The Realm of Light and assist Ciel - Goddess of Life in regulating and purifying souls into essence. They were unique in that, while Essence was finite in Ayn and effectively would be recycled into new souls in a sort of reincarnation, Angels would retain their essence, and any death that they suffered would result in their essence returning to its Realm and reforming the same Angel, sans their memories. They were created to exemplify good and order, and while they are capable of free will and formulating their own opinions, the holy intent of their creation pushes their thoughts towards good and righteousness.
  In fact, it's this uniformity that grants them strength, both in their good intent and in their defined appearance. Every angel dons a pristine image, made complete with wings adorned with pure white, dove-like feathers. Their dress of choice are usually light robes, togas, and other silky raiment, occasionally accompanied by jewelry of varying gold and silver adornment. These items are less worn as a means of vanity, however, and carry the intent of inspiration and allure. Angels show no qualms with letting their patrons wear their ornaments, as many a peaceful soul laid to rest are oft to find fulfillment in finally experiencing a level of luxury where, in their mortal coil, they may have lived a very ascetic lifestyle.   All races are represented in angelic glory, even Orcs as, no matter how rare or unlikely, it is possible for their souls to ascend to The Realm of Light, where their steward in the afterlife will be there to greet them. Gnomish angels will have their original, flesh colored skin tone since their gemstone like hues were a product of alteration after their creation.
  The only exception to this strict uniformity would be from the members of The Radiant Imperium.  
by Gerald Brom
These high ranking officials were created as a response to the hostility received by The Realm of Dark, wrought from a need to defend and protect not just their realm, but the souls inhabiting it, as well as the precious essence they would dissolve into.   These entities are so finely crafted for combat that much of their form has been stripped away or repurposed for their specific existence. They lack a face, instead having a dark shroud over where their visage would lie, and their wings are no longer, at least in aesthetic. Where pure white feathers dazzled in untouched brilliance, only thin, wispy tendrils remained, retaining their ability to fly.
They are also incapable of most emotion, save for a display of honor, duty, and zealous fury, making them excellent war machines, but unable to properly serve patrons as many of their kind were meant to.

Basic Information


They are nearly identical to other sapient species except for their wings that extend from their shoulders and/or shoulderblades.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Angels serve two purposes: Either to defend/attack the divine planar realms (Realm of Light/Shadow/Dark), or to ease and ferry souls in the Realm of Light.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Angels are only found naturally in The Realm of Light though they can be seen in The Realm of Shadows fighting against Demons.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

  Angels are usually seen in silks and linens, considered as light as a feather.   When adorned in armor, it is of ornate shades of white, gold, or teal.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Most Angels do not involve themselves with humanoid affairs, and thus offer no opinion one way or the other.   They do, however, despise Demons, even though there are a few with outlier opinions.
by Tsuyoshi Nagano
Genetic Descendants
Dietary Needs

Angels do not have a need to eat, but may join their patron at a table to give them company, at which point they will eat for solidarity.


Angels are capable of speaking any language, save for Abyssal.

"The job, nay, honor of an angel is in service to its patrons. The sacrifices they have given to their fellow man must be repaid a hundred fold. May they swim in the riches they have bestowed the impoverished, frolic with the animals whose lives they have saved, and love the partner they have cherished and supported to the very end. They have lived a long and fulfilling life, we at least owe them a peaceful and satisfying end."
— Diometes

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