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In game mechanics
Aasimars will follow standard Pathfinder rules as detailed in this link.   Social difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ - Aasimars will find the world of Ayn to be incredibly warm and welcoming. Most aasimars are prone to special treatment as many people see them as avatars of good, and so by being hospitable to one, they are welcoming their own good fortune.
Aasimars are the result of a burst of angelic origins manifesting in a Human child. Although these children are incredibly uncommon, it's not far from the realm of possibilities considering Humans are products of Angel and demon interbreeding, despite such a fact being lost knowledge. This offspring is often favored by their parents and is equally well received by the locale, often seen as good tidings or a gift from the heavens. Some aasimars, however, use this to their advantage and can exploit good will as a means to their own end. However, these people are an anomaly, as their heritage inspires them to deeds of good and lawfulness.
Aasimar Features
They appear mostly human, yet will have physical traits that are often easy to overlook, and sometimes will only reveal themselves when the child has reached a certain age. A symbol of their race ranges anywhere from their hair having a luxurious sheen, to skin having the slightest hint of metallic tinting, like a very pale pearl color that could pass as a pallor complexion. Other possibilities include glowing runes, jewel-like eyes, feathery soft and textured hair, and even bright halos.   Aasimars are known for their charisma, especially in civil societies where their penchant for keeping the peace is often favored. This is only aided by their confident and alluring tones that exudes an aura of trust and leadership. Whether or not this is their true virtue or a way to disguise their ulterior motives varies from aasimar to aasimar.
Stellar adventurers, aasimar often strike out to carve their own path in the world, mostly from feelings of not belonging in their current environment, or from an intrinsic yearning to pursue a greater destiny, as if something is calling them to a higher purpose. Although they are not forbidden from certain careers and professions to explore, piety and law feels natural enough to an aasimar that they often pursue the life of a paladin or monk.

Basic Information


They have a standard humanoid appearance with one head, two arms, two legs, and a torso. An aasimar may have a halo, but like fingernails or hair, it does not offer any feeling to the host when interacted with.

Growth Rate & Stages

Aasimar, like tieflings, have longer lives than their human kin and reach adulthood at 60 years of age. They are considered old at 200 and a maximum lifespan of 260-270 years.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Aasimars are often celebrated and given regal and inspiring names meant to honor their birth. They are given the surname of their parents, though are allowed to choose their own when they reach adulthood, should they feel their surname is not appropriate.   Male names: Artios, Maximus, Valente   Female names: Davina, Emmeline, Gwynevere   Surnames: Galadrimur, Azmosia, Ellionder

Courtship Ideals

Aasimars value confidence and purpose in their partners and will generally favor acts of kindness such as donating to charity or assisting the unwell.   Other than that, their courting is very similar to humans, often favoring long walks or extended discussions at vistas with beautiful views.

Relationship Ideals

A good relationship for an aasimar is to be appreciated in one way or another. It could be as small as thank you, or a hug, or as loud as subservience and obedience. Although they are not desperate or dependent on validation, a little recognition goes a long way.   An aasimar couple stands side by side, facing the trials and tribulations together, with their chins held high.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Considering their origins it makes sense that aasimars more often suit themselves to the company of humans. Their charming and soothing personality, however, makes them a great fit for almost any civilized society, and even some more chaotic settlements if they can reign in their intrinsic disgust for any filth that may accumulate, literally or metaphorically.   Sensing kindred spirits, they also share a common bond with half-elves, tieflings, and to a lesser extent, half-orcs, due to their mixed blood and marginalization at the hand of other pureblood races. Tieflings and half orcs are likely to shun them, citing that the way they are treated, while similar, is often on the opposite side of the spectrum and thus the situation is different.

Alignment and Religion

Aasimars tend to favor good and law, but exercise agency just as humans. This means it is possible to have a chaotic or even evil aasimar, especially considering their potential for social subversion. These aasimar often pursue decadence with little regard to others and can be as subtle as a deceiving sword hand offering their services to an unsavory end, or as blunt as a pompous herald of their superior glory, drawing skeptics and hopefuls alike. This can be particularly effective, as many communities lean towards trusting those with angelic blood prior to having even met them, resulting in many victims trusting their silver-tongue woven lies.   This is a rare occurrence, however, as most aasimar extol the virtues of honor, community, valor, kindness, hospitality, healing, and protection. By proxy they pursue deities that exemplify these values whether they align themselves with moral good or evil. They generally lean towards law and order, often citing it as right and just, or at least easier to deal with and sort through, so it is not uncommon for them to favor Lodavel - God of Justice or Lady Lyshara - Goddess of Oppression, but, like humans, aasimars are quite free in their choice of deity.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sanctus
Aasimars are the product of their angelic heritage 'flaring up' from human (which are a combination of angels and demons) parents.
260-270 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Aasimars have skin tones akin to humans. A variation of aasimars do exist where their skin takes the slight tint of a metal, but even then it has a fleshy look and feel. Like humans, they are able to tan and their skin will adjust to their surroundings given enough time.
Major Language Groups and Dialects

Aasimars speak Common and Celestial.

Aasimar Portrait

Cover image: by Akim Kaliberda

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