1st of August, 1282

Aylbyia is a world of mirth and magic, of high peaks and dark forest, and of betrayal and doom. Forged by the will of the unknowable Lawbringer and governed by his favoured Gods, the people of Aylbyia reach out to grasp the future.   But the Lawbringer has not returned, and for over a thousand years the world has grown darker and colder in spirit - now old God's and Kings stir from their hiding places and once again seek to wreathe Aylbyia in chaos. Will the Lawbringer return to correct the imbalance ravaging the world? Or is there a need for a new dominion?   A cry for heroes - a call to actions - the world seethes with unease, and the story, long forgotten, is at last being told.  



Pathfinder 1e