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Traveller's Goldenglow

Many a time, I have found myself thanking the Traveller's Goldenglow for my continued existence.
— Hajar Stoutstong, famous adventurer


The Traveller's Goldenglow is a relatively small plant. They can reach up to about a foot, foot and a half, in height and spread across almost half as much in width. Each branch of the plant, when bloomed, ends yellow-gold flower that seems to glow in the sunlight, hence the name. The flowers are perfectly circular and almost look like little suns themselves.  


The Traveller's Goldenglow typically grows in temperate areas that receive at least a modicum of sunlight. It doesn't need much to grow, but the higher the level of sunlight, the larger the plant tends to grow and the more flowers it produces. As such, it can be found across Aldenia fairly commonly. It does also grow in Mysandros, in the region either side of the border between Maressea and Gonde where the warm dry Maressea transitions into the cold tundras of Gonde. It is also grown by any respectable alchemist in their personal gardens.  


Goldenglow is known for its stamina boosting effects. Consuming the plant will help revitalise the body. It does not heal or cure diseases but will help stave off the effects of exhaustion, for instance. The plant can be eaten raw and its positive effects will work. However, it is more potent when boiled down and/or processed into a potion. This makes it a sight for sore eyes for lost and weary travellers, who will eat it and be able to persevere just that little longer than they would have without it. It is also present in potions designed to increase stamina for certain activities in which needing to be active for longer is a boon.   It is worth noting that continued usage will provide diminishing returns and the Goldenglow should not be used as a replacement for sleep. It only provides an extra boost in order to help get you to a restful night somewhere warm.
Average Height
1 to 1.5 ft


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