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Two hundred years ago, two planes of existence collided: the world of Axim, dominated by human technocrats engaged in imperial expansion at the peak of industrial revolution; and the world of Imar, a magical realm populated by several elementally-aligned races. These worlds became overlain, and the resulting Cataclysm destroyed much of each worlds' infrastructure and social order.   Now a new social order arises and people seek to rebuild from the ruins. The nature of magic in Aximar has left wildlife and landscapes warped into new forms, and survival from these new threats is as much a challenge as salvaging the remains of the old. Already fractured by racial conflict, humanity must compete for a place among dwarven vault-dwellers, elven nomads, merfolk plunderers, and tiefling slavers.   Set in part of the world analogous to our Australia, the former transport colony is now home to axebeaks running across the plains, owlbears dropping from trees, an island of devilish tigers, and plenty of malfunctioning automatons. From the ruins of Regalia City, to the desert capital of Abyss-Adobo, to the northern archipelago of Santara, people are forging their place in a new world, and adventurous upstarts set out to claim their own futures.

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