The Bismanekiln Covenant

"My thoughts on the age-old construction is revealed by the original design. A pyramid is an ostentatious waste of space. Mine is more considered. I see it as emblematic of the changes required from the Old to the New."

The Bismanekiln Covenant


The pair await Anubis's return. They wait in the office. Sybermane sits behind his desk and Kiln in the one decent chair available. Trance has been sent on an errand. Instead of the room being overwhelmed with Darkness as occurred last time, the two companions are transported to the base of a stone staircase. Anubis stands before them and motions to the area beyond them. He indicates that this is his realmic seat of power and that he has created it to suit his new purpose. From this position they are able to make out Anubis's complex of truly godly dimension. He strolls along, pointing out the constructions they pass and their intended future uses. ll the while, they are moving progressively upward via stair or ramp. At the topmost portion, the trio declare their intentions and form their covenant...

      Below is the signed declaration of intent between the three principals of the covenant. This was not witnessed as with contracts, as the nature of a covenant is a personal one. The truth of the statement cannot be made less so, simply by claiming nobody saw it enacted. That is the way of covenants.     The covenant takes three parts; each member of the agreement states and signs off on the words uttered.        

Tar Kiln's statement ----

        Under the view of your most majestic shadow,     I, Tar Kiln, do pledge covenant to the mighty god Anubis-Set, to faithfully uphold his ways and promote his desires upon the expanse.     I ask the awakening of my race, the Drowse who were the Turnal, and freedom from the curse of color contagion, that they might too spread as night over day the prejudice of your lordship. And in doing so, I ask to be first amongst them, a Lored to my race that their obeisance may be made manifest and uncompromised through any and all travail that might rise against them.     I ask for myself, that I may serve in dominance at your direction, the power of the undead, that I might convert the Cadiviva to your unending cause or caste them to unquenchable void.     And to show my dedication, I will deliver to your sacred embrace not one of the ancient artifacts so describe to me, but three. So that you will know your servant will never fail you but always exceed expectations.       This I, Tar Kiln, pledge to my god, Anubis-Set.     Dusk embrace us,     Shadow comfort us,     Darkness drive our passions.       Tar Kiln          

Sybermane's statement ----

        By the hoof and the mane I do swear, that in this compact between you, Anubis Set, and I, Sybermane, that as we serve each other, I shall share half of each one I take in retribution with you as sacrifice to your glory, and half for myself. That I shall do all within my power and sense to keep you separate from that which you have been twained from; that in turn, from you I shall receive to your greatest ability my own succession to godhood. and that, insomuch as it is possible, we will extend the protection of each to include the herd of the other. by the horn, I do swear it.


To establish the place each of these three beings retains in the New Realm. Phrasings and terms within the covenant are more important for their intent than any accuracy. A covenant is not a encyclopaedic contract but rather a vision of a desire between at least two individuals.

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