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1st day of Eaos, 332 A.E

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Axil is a world in the late middle ages, combined with the world of high fantasy that has many Eras; Dark, Bright, and Intermediate. The last Era was the "Age of Exillium" which was the rise of a roman like nation Ruled by the Warforged a mechanical race of humanoid robots. Rising from their oppressed positions of slaves and servants under the Stout Gnomes and Halfings of Agus; to being the Grand leaders of the Largest known segment of land in the world. This being the last Era of Axil's history the people remember it well, The problem being it was not easy to quantify the true benefit or downsides of this era and now that its over as the Warforged die out to various reasons their effect on the world is rippling through the world. The brink of an era of chaos is on the horizon, As the protections from the many planes and gates of the universe slowly fade away and their influence on their influence beings to grow. This is what caused the fall of the Warforged originally. As their prime example of peace among worlds "the City" fell apart at the seems and plummeting into the earth and creating "the Cities Sea". But many individuals wonder how the world will fair without the organization of the Warforged, no mater how horrible they were.